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MoPAD™ Monitor Isolators


Dimensions: 12″ long x 4″ wide (4 pieces per order)
Weight Limitations: 100lbs.

MoPADs are extraordinarily effective AND really versatile. There are 5 different positioning options available. By using the included MoPAD Wedge Adjusters, you can adapt your loudspeakers to listening angles of -8°, -4°, 0°, +4° and +8°, as shown below.

IN STOCK**PHP 2,700.00

Your loudspeakers are the most critical components in the reproduction of source material. No matter how good your preamps, cables, amplifiers and other pieces of gear that you’ve invested in, you’re not truly hearing what your sources sound like until you isolate your monitors from their environment.

This is where the Auralex MoPADs come in. MoPAD Monitor Isolation Pads provide sonic isolation between your monitors and whatever your monitors are resting on, INSTANTLY improving the accuracy of your entire system.

MoPADs are designed so that they can be used to support virtually all sizes of bookshelf loudspeakers or recording monitors up to 100 lbs. each. While some smaller loudspeakers may be sufficiently supported by a single MoPAD, most require the support of two MoPADs.

MoPADs are affordable, easy to implement and really effective at decoupling your monitors from your room and all its contents. You’ve gotta get some! Until you do, you’ll never know what your recordings really sound like.