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SCS-02 M


Type: LCR Speakers
Tweeter: 1 in, soft dome
Woofer: 6 in, polypropylene (2)
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Recommended Amp Power: 40–160W
Available Finishes: Textured black
Dimensions: 20 x 7 x 8.8 inches
Weight: 17.2 lbs


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A Tale of Two Series
The S-Series is one of two speaker lines from SVS, along with the more expensive M-Series. The M-Series is the only one to include a tower, along with center and stand-mount models. In contrast, the S-Series includes an LCR that SVS calls a monitor, plus center, stand-mount, and bipole surround models. There was a tower in the original S-Series, but it got axed in this second-generation line because the LCR/monitor was outselling it. Does SVS see the lines as two halves of a continuous train of thought, with the mixing-and-matching potential that implies? Due to iffy timbre matching, the answer is no. Instead, SVS simply assumes those who want towers will gravitate toward the higher-priced line, while those who want stand-mounts will prefer the lower-priced one. Form factor leads to price point, or vice versa. This review covers the SCS-02(M) LCR/monitor, SCS-02 center, SSS-02 bipole surround, and SB12-NSD sub.

The SCS-02(M) LCR/monitor and SCS-02 center are identical in dimensions, weight, and driver array, differing only in the position of the grille badge and the vertical-positioning TiltBase supplied with the center. Build quality is substantial. Enclosures, though Spartan looking, have elegantly rounded machined edges, no visible seams, and a textured black vinyl finish that produces a strong tactile response—you could practically strike a kitchen match on one of these things. They are fairly inert, a helpful trait in a speaker that aspires to uncolored bass response down to the subwoofer crossover. Tough perforated metal grilles are attached to chrome mounting pins. For wall mounting, you have your choice of OmniMount 20 compatible threaded insert or keyhole mount.

On the flush baffles of both models are a 1-inch BlackSilk soft dome tweeter and a pair of 6-inch Softcap polypropylene-coned woofers. Both drivers are custom designed and exclusive to the S-Series. The tweeter includes ferrofluid cooling for claimed improvements in power handling, heat dissipation, reliability, and resonance suppression. The manufacturer adds, “It’s rare to see ferrofluid employed at this price point,” but I’ve not seen industry statistics to back that up. The Softcap woofer includes a soft dust cap—hence the name—in an effort to suppress resonance and improve midrange response. The crossover in this second-generation product has been substantially improved over the first. It features air-core inductors and what the manufacturer describes as top-grade capacitors.

The spec sheet mentions a THX-style acoustic alignment. This refers to the way in which the sealed enclosure’s natural acoustic rolloff around 80 hertz complements the bass management of A/V receivers. Set your receiver to an 80-Hz subwoofer crossover and the combined result is a 24-dB/octave rolloff, half acoustic, half electronic. “The result,” SVS notes, “is a phase-correct, 24-dB/octave, high-pass/low-pass crossover between the speakers and subwoofer—just as the original home THX standard intended.”


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