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 44,000.00  37,000.00

Quick Specs:

  • Dimensions: 21″ H x 17″ W x 22″ D without grill
  • Weight: 66 pounds
  • Frequency Response: 18hz to 230hz +/- 3db

PHP 44,000.00


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So this is a whole different level of play in power, refinement and style at SVS. Whether you dig into the STA-400D DSP amp, the new more efficient 12″ NSD woofer or the new components at every turn, no one can call this sub “entry level” and get away with it.

“…earth-shaking, deep bass …”
– Ken Pohlmann, Sound and Vision Magazine


  • New SVS 12″ NSD aluminum cone driver
  • STA-400D SVS Sledge™ DSP-controlled amp
  • Computer Assisted Design (CAD) enclosure
  • CNC precision-cut internal braces
  • Powder-coated, perforated steel grill
  • Front-firing woofer/port for easy installs
  • Built-in flush-mount amp configuration
  • Removeable, compliant floor spikes
  • 4″ high-flow flared ports (in and out)
  • Heavy-duty removable 8 foot power cord
  • Signature SVS “seamless” cabinet


  • USA Analog Devices DSP-control
  • Anodized aluminum controls
  • Custom tuning based on CEA 2010 standards by SVS R/D
  • World-compliant safety and electro magnetic interference testing
  • RoHS, lead-free construction
  • Stereo RCA I/O with both unfiltered and fixed high-pass outs
  • Digital low pass crossover with graduated detents and disable mode
  • “Green” ultra-low draw sleep mode with virtual instant-on signal trigger
  • LED limiter indicator and audibly transparent design
  • On or auto-on switch mode with power LED
  • Double insulated design with hard power rocker switch and replaceable fuse

400 watt SVS STA-400D Sledge™ DSP-controlled amplifier

Like its higher powered Sledge™ amp brothers (the STA-800D and 1000D) this high-output unit was designed just for us, and is so costly you just can’t expect to see it on competitive products.

Torture tested around the world SVS has gone back and invested in higher grade materials, higher power and higher precision parts. Not least of these parts are the Analog Devices DSPs, and beefed-up power supplies to handle extreme AC line-voltages from 100V too 250V and beyond.

The STA-400D DSP amp might look conventional, but those knobs are not even really “knobs” in the normal sense, they are digital actuators which precisely control gain, phase, crossover (and of course disable the latter too if you like). Naturally there is an on/auto-on toggle switch too, but now there’s a full digital power supply, and “green” standby mode too. Which means your SVS is ready to be a good citizen on the power grid too, unlike their less efficient predecessor amps.

And see if you can get one to get even mildly warm in use, these amps are more efficient than ever before. A clip light lets you know when you have reached the stops, but you won’t hear anything untoward audibly if you do. Your PB12-NSD simply stops getting louder when you push it too hard. That’s the power of DSP control, with precisely metered custom tuning for each NSD model. SVS’s obsession to making this and all our Sledge DSP amps as “bullet-proof” as our famous woofers will be obvious.

New SVS 12″ NSD Aluminum Cone Woofer

The newest SVS 12″ NSD woofer has even better all-round performance than its predecessor. Features like a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) optimized motor with dual shorting rings and pole extenders bring all these improvements to the table:

  • More linear force/displacement curve
  • Lower inductance and distortion
  • Shorter “ring time”
  • Improved sensitivity
  • A wider and more linear frequency bandwidth


What does this all mean to the customer? Clean, detailed, linear and powerful bass – expect nothing less from SVS – The Sound Authority.


  • 2” diameter, high-power voice coil with high-temp GSV former
  • Nomex linear roll long-throw spider
  • Low-creep rubber long-throw surround
  • Spider-integrated tinsel leads
  • Aluminum cone and composite dust cap with SVS logo
  • Powder-coated cast aluminum basket
  • FEA-optimized motor structure
  • Dual shorting rings and pole extenders to reduce gap induction and distortion
  • Dual high-grade ferrite magnets
  • Pole piece vent for greater cooling, low noise, and reduced air compression

Professional grade construction inside and out, with unexpected details

Rubber Feet

Rubber Feet

We’re product guys through and through, so SVS adds thoughtful touches at ever turn.  The woofer and port are both front firing from the front baffle, that’s common enough. But with a whopping one inch thick baffle? Call that un-common. Or how about extensive internal CNC’d bracing which allow our large side-panels to remain solid as a rock?

We’re proud of even little design details other brands leave on the cutting room floor. More proof? Look under the PB12-NSD and you’ll find threaded, removable, ultra-compliant synthetic rubber feet.  And not just four as you might expect, but six to maximize stability and allow you to put this sub on any sort of surface.

Simple, elegant, just the sort of hidden features you expect from SVS. Sure, we know it’s a bit old fashioned, but we believe in offering the highest quality materials and design at a fair price.

New PB12-NSD with grills

New PB12-NSD with grills

Powder-coated steel grill protects your sub’s elegant looks

For some folks, the way a sub looks is as important as its performance.  With the PB12-NSDyou give up neither world-class performance nor simple, elegant styling that will complement any decor..

The precision-built steel grill adorning your exclusive woofer and adjacent port is one of the many features defying this sub’s affordable price. Every radius, contour, perforation and edge is carefully designed and flawlessly executed.

Want more proof? Check out the machined steel pins for fastening the grill to your sub, instead of the typical cheap plastic fittings you often see in lesser products.  Durable and attractive powder-coated finish tops off this one of a kind part from SVS.

Tuned high-flow ports provide efficient free-breathing performance

New PB12-NSD

New PB12-NSD

In the end good bass is all about air-flow. The PB12-NSD employs a brand new computer-designed high-flow, low-noise port made just for SVS of course.  This port features a whopping 4 ” inside diameter opening, and gentle flare to a nearly 7 ” at the outside edge. While you are unlikely to ever see it, there’s a flare to match inside too.

These huge fittings allow the PB12-NSD to breathe with the effectiveness of much larger straight-cut ports – is it any surprise we use them?  SVS even takes the time to ensure textured matched surfaces and precise fit required of any high end audio component.  Form follows function when we work here in Ohio!

New PB12-NSD Corner

New PB12-NSD Corner

Tough furniture grade finish stands up to real-world abuse

Some audio enclosures are made from some pretty cheesy  materials but at SVS we use rich yet still cost-effective finishes like our thick and durable charcoal black polymer laminate, still applied by hand and inspected with meticulous care.

PB12-NSD subs are built for the real world you live in.  They are virtually impervious to fingerprints, drink rings and dust. Wipe them off with standard glass cleaner now and again and your SVS will look like new for years.

Frequency Response

PB12-NSD Frequency Response

PB12-NSD Frequency Response

* 1/6th octave smoothed, quasi-anechoic frequency response:  Measured with high resolution instrumentation (1/60th octave) via “ground plane” technique, outdoors, at two meters’ distance, a minimum of 70 feet from reflective boundaries.

Notes: Tuned for mid-sized rooms, providing flat powerful response with enhanced bandwidth uniformity. In-room extension, with corner placement, will typically yield 3-5Hz greater linear extension than indicated.  Results will vary based on room size, seat distance from your SVS,  and subwoofer location.

Also, please note this chart does not depict maximum output of this model, and is not directly comparable to other SVS models except for frequency response.



Charcoal Black


21" H x 17" W x 22" D without grill


66 lbs

Frequency Response

18hz to 230hz +/- 3db


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