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AVIA II: Guide to Home Theater



AVIA II DVD – Guide to Home Theater DVD tutorials on:

  • Various home theater components
  • Speaker types and proper placement
  • Making connections and wiring using a sound level meter
  • Home Theater environments
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AVIA II: Guide to Home Theater

AVIA II takes up where the industry standard “Avia” theater setup DVD left off. It takes full advantage of DVD video’s interactive features. Avia combines tutorials with professional quality test signals for full calibrating and testing audio and video systems. Simply sit back and watch the live video presentation or get involved and select in-depth coverage of specific topics. You select the tutorial depth or calibration tool. Learn more about this new release here!

Adjusting your audio and video system for maximum performance is easy with Avia’s step-by-step instructions. Professionals (or those who want to learn more) can directly access advanced calibration signals with on-line explanations. You’ll want to use AVIA again and again to keep your system in top condition.

Easy Navigation: Avia gives you total control and flexibility in using the disc. On-screen menus make navigation intuitive. Just select a topic or calibration tool for instant access. The AVIA DVD is a truly interactive DVD with many on-screen menus that make it easy to access what you want.

Video Presentation: Avia’s informative live video presentation tells you about home theater. You’ll learn the basics about signal sources, processors, speakers, displays making connections arranging your viewing environment, calibrating your system. In depth information when you are ready for more detailed information about a topic, on-screen buttons lead you to in-depth text, pictures, and video on home theater topics. You control the depth of information presented. Start with the basics and revisit topics for further study.

Audio Calibration: Setting up your sound system requires the right audio test signals. Avia DVD provides highly accurate and innovative audio signals for setting channel balance, sound reference level, 6 channel phasing, and subwoofer crossover. On-screen instructions lead you through the process. Advanced users can choose among additional test tones for additional tests such as checking voice matching, frequency response, room resonance, and ambiance effects.

Video Calibration: Avia DVD guides you step-by-step through the basic five user level video adjustments. New video test patterns were developed especially fr AVIA DVD to increase accuracy and ease of use. Live video demonstrations show you exactly what to look for while making adjustments. Over 180 video test patterns are included for adjusting and testing display parameters such as power supply adequacy, geometry, convergence, resolution, gamma, color decoder accuracy, and screen hot-spotting. Each pattern is accompanied by explanatory text.

DVD is NTSC only.



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